The Pro Package is a new package to phpBBhosts and is aimed at everyone, being affordable and practical the pro package is ideal for any type of forum.

At a ridiculously good price of £ 10 a month you can not go wrong!

What do i get for this?
Everything! you will get ads removed from your forum, multiple backups, and get everything else on the upgrades page at no extra cost, and you still get the great support you always have had.

Are there any limits?
No not really we have not set any specific limits, but obviously if someone wanted some crazy amount of images or similar like 200 or more smiles then we would have to think again.
We want all our forums free and pro ones to have the very best service, this includes fast loading reliable ones.

Could i not get my own hosting and install my own forum for a price like this?
Yes you could but this is where we come in to our own.

We do all the technical stuff for you, you don't have to worry about installing phpbb as you may already know we do all of this. We do all updates and code changes for you, we add mods and styles. We do all the technical stuff so you have more time to focus on making your forum a success.

Imagine you had your own host and had to install the software, keep it up to date, add mods, styles etc it takes a lot of time and while your busy doing this your forum is left with the possibility of being down if a mistake is made.

Our business is forums we know what is needed. Is it not much nicer to pop in to the support forum and ask for a little help then just sit back knowing it is being sorted.

To GoPro you need to do the following:

If you do not already have a forum with us then set one up.

Once you have your forum visit this page and click the payment link bellow.
Then email us with:
Subject "GoPro"
Transaction id
Your paypal email
Your paypal name Your forum email
Your forum address

We will then verify the payment and put you on the pro package.

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